Prayer, Petition & Spellwork Request


If you would like our prayer group to pray for you or someone else, you may choose the “Prayer” option. You will receive an email to let you know that we have completed our prayers for you.


Also known as Manifesting Prayers. These are the prayers where you are asking to call something tangible or intangible into existence. A manifesting prayer depends solely on a deity to call forth change, which means you are asking God/dess or Universal Energy to intercede on your behalf.

Petitioning is an agreement made between you and Deity: you are turning the problem over into deity’s hands, and moving yourself out of the way to let it happen. This means you are willing to accept your answer in whatever form deity provides.

If you have a specific deity that you wish to petition, please state that in your request, or you may allow the petitioner to choose.

You will be provided an email which includes the petition put forth on your behalf. It is recommended that you print this out and sign it, and then put it in your BOS, Grimoire, or some other private place.

Petition & Spellwork

If you are looking for a specific outcome, you will want to combine Petition with spellwork. Spellwork utilizes the energy of the practitioner along with the energy of the elements and/or magickal tools (such as herbs, crystals, etc.) to manifest change. This is not a passive request, as you are required to participate. The initial spell will be cast by the High Priestess or clergy working on your behalf and then you will then be provided detailed instructions on how to complete the work.

Please provide your full name and birthdate. If you are requesting prayer for someone else, please provide their name and birthdate. We will not cast spells that interfere with anyone’s free will or put anyone in danger.

Petitions, Prayers, & Spellwork

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Petitions, Prayers, & Spellwork